Our R&D Activities

Combining our longstanding leadership in synthetic diamond researches and
developments with the strong entepreneur and investment skills we create
a new basement for a new age of smart technologies

CVD synthetic diamonds

(chemical vapor deposition)

With the help of CVD-growing method we control growing process and manage
synthetic diamond properties. We design material properties to develop

High purity
single crystal

Doped diamond
structures (B,N,Ge, P, rare earth metals)

NV, SiV centres
and single photon

diamond structures

Single crystal
diamonds up to 20 mm
in literal size

CVD-growing machines

development and construction for single
and polycrystalline diamonds synthesis.

New generation vacuum growing machine that could help to control the main synthesis parameters to affect diamond properties. Substrate size up to 8 inches

Additional growing equipment and technologies for industrial and controlled synthetic diamonds doping.

Applied laser

Pico- and femtosecond laser development for diamond substrates treatment and microstructuring (in bulk and on surface). Laser specification: high energy pulse 10-200 microJ and high frequency (1->10 MHz).vProcedures for microprofiling of diamonds have been developed – creation of 1D, 2D and 3D structures, which sets base for development of broad array of products with significant degree of added value, ranging from diffraction optical melements to photon crystals.

The excimer lithography laser for circuits production. The first laser prototype has been developed and tested.

Diamond plates

processing technologies
development for industrial use.

CMP and surface profiling technologies

Microdrilling and microcutting

Surface microstructuring withthe help of laser surface profiling and the replica method

1D, 2D, 3D laser profiled microstructures technology on diamond z

Analytical equipment

Thermal conductivity measuring bench

Thickness and diamond film deposition rate measuring machine during the growing process

The coefficient of diamond plates optical absorption measuring bench