Our developed technologies and equipment allow us to grow single and polycrystalline diamonds with high speed and exceptional purity, which are in demand in solid-state electronics, optics, and medicine as heat-dissipating substrates, “sun-blind” detectors, and in many other fields. In addition, controllable and effective doping of growing diamonds is possible.

We have conducted many years of scientific research, developed and optimized diamond growth techniques, which is now a ready-made technology:

We also constantly assist in adapting the technology for specific tasks and reactor modifications based on our new research results.

  • Production and supply of CVD reactors configured for specific tasks.
  • Providing recommendations on the number of personnel and their required competencies.
  • Training in reactor maintenance, pre-growth preparation and growth processes.
  • Selection and characterization of substrates.
  • Providing data on the optimal growth parameters and influence of these parameters on quality of the resulting material.
  • Recommendations for post-growth diamond processing.
  • Recommendations on the availability of a minimum set of equipment necessary to ensure the growth processes and characterization of the resulting diamond plates.

Jewelry industry

Also, our technology can be applied in the jewelry industry with high commercial results due to a possibility of obtaining diamonds of large size (~5 сt) and high quality (FG) with simultaneous growth of up to 25 crystals during one process, which significantly reduces cost of their production.