The operation of the CVD reactor is based on chemical deposition of a diamond from microwave discharge plasma. A mixture of gases is fed into vacuum chamber, which then dissociates in the plasma, and the products are delivered to the substrate, on which the diamond grows. To obtain polycrystals, silicon, molybdenum or other it is necessary to use heat-resistant materials as substrates. Single crystal growth is realized on diamond substrates. The stability of the synthesis conditions is ensured for hundreds of hours.


  • Convenient and reliable design for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Lack of uncontrolled leakage from the atmosphere.
  • Broad range of operating pressures (20-500 Torr), significantly increasing diamond growth rate.
  • Fully automated control and monitoring of all growth parameters in real time, including via the Internet.
  • Stable plasma over a wide range of pressures, power and substrate holder geometries.
  • A wide range of derivable materials from single crystal diamond of exceptional quality to large area polycrystals.
  • Temperature uniformity throughout the substrate holder, deviation not more than ±5%.
  • Substrate holder for growth of polycrystalline plates up to 4” in diameter.
  • "Z-mover" for single crystal growth with movement range up to 10 mm and feedback speed adjustment.

Technical specifications

The capabilities of the reactor allow to obtain diamonds of the highest quality, previously unattainable sizes, of high purity, possessing a unique set of electronic, optical, thermal, and mechanical properties. This opens up great prospects for their application in electronics, optics, medicine, microwave technology, micromechanics, materials processing, electrochemistry, and also as gem-quality diamonds for the jewelry industry.

Chamber and the substrate holder

Type – Coaxial cavity resonator
Chamber material – Stainless steel
Stage material – Molybdenum-shielded copper
Water cooling for chamber walls and stage
Visual control – 5 diagnostic 70 mm CF quartz windows
Easy to open camera cover
Specialized molybdenum substrate holders

Microwave system

MW power supply – 6 kW, water-cooled
Magnetron – 6 kW at 2.45 GHz, water-cooled
Insulator – Circulator and dummy load, water-cooled
3-stub waveguide tuner
Reflected power microwave detector

Vacuum system

Dry pump ≤3х10-2 torr
Turbomolecular pump (optional) ≤5х10-6 torr
Operating pressure 20-500 torr
Stainless steel vacuum fittings
Vacuum filter with interchangeable cartridge
Pneumatic control valves and pressure regulators

Gas system

Swagelok ⅟₄” stainless steel fittings
Mass Flow Regulators
4 gas lines (5th optional):
H2 – 1000 sccm
O2 – 50 sccm
CH4 – 200 sccm
N2 – 1000 sccm
Ar – 1000 sccm

Electric system

Voltage AC 3-phase 380/220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption up to 12 kW
The emergency stop button

About system

Industrial panel PC, Windows OS
Software parameter control

Length – 1660 mm
Width – 880 mm
Height – 1840 mm
The total weight is not more than 450 kg

Substrate diameter
Up to 100 mm (4”)

Substrate temperature
Up to 1200 оC

Growth rate
Up to 100 µm/h for single crystal diamonds
Up to 6 µm/h for polycrystalline diamonds

Additional options
Z-mover for the central area of stage
Dual-band pyrometer
DC Bias to substrate holder 0-300 V or 0-600 V