We are
Wonder Technologies

We develop and implement advanced knowledge
in the fields of diamond synthesis, laser technologies,
and carbon materials.
We turn science into business.


We possess
scientific knowledge

Our team is composed of brilliant scientists, venture entrepreneurs,
and technological revolutionaries.

of experience

Our key scientific partner

IOF RAN R&D Diamond
And Laser Center

We turn
science into technology.

We develop diamond-growth reactors and laser technologies
and produce revolutionary materials and products.
We produce technologies for the entire diamond synthesis process.

We create
technological products.

We work with customers to develop new solutions
for the application of CVD diamond, and we implement and scale their production.
We produce and supply diamond materials.

We are hunting for

Industrial partners

We can develop a new product, technology or any turn-key solution under your inquiry.

Bright Ideas and R&D teams

We have started a funding program for the young R&D teams to integrate synthetic diamonds to the new smart technologies.